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    Sunday, October 29, 2006

    No labor started....

    It doesn't look like Jack will make his appearance today at this point. I figured late today, but labor still isn't really going and well... I don't think I would be having one of those breakneck speed labors. And Dory just revised her guess to Tuesday this morning. *sigh* A few good contractions here and there, but not becoming regular in any way. I so don't want a Halloween baby, other than it would be a very serious Trick or Treat surprise for the stupid teens that knock on dim porches. Now THAT would be funny! November 1st would be better, but after starts and fits over the past 4 days, I really did think today would be it. I guess if I had not stalled out for 2 days that maybe it would, stress can do it. That would account for Dory's 2 day delay.
    And this morning had been so promising.....



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