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    Sunday, October 29, 2006


    1. Well, I did get John's Mei Tai finished... it has Yankee logo navy blue fleece on one side and a cream colored cotton baseball print on the other. John was really pleased.
    2. The other one that I managed to finish was Becky's buckling Mei Tai. Beta version 2.0 looks like it is a winner. I finally have the correct pattern going! Straps and buckles are all in the correct place. It feels good to have it finished, she's been wanting me to fix the other one for about a month. I finally just started it over rather than ripping it appart to move things, it was just easier.
    3. I have cut all the pieces to MY new Mei Tai, but don't know when I will get finished. Maybe I'll get it finished later tonight.



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